#NostalgicallyRidiculous Box Set Collection

$64.99 USD

Each box set will contain one 4-pack each of Saturday Morning Marshmallow IPA, Sticky Bricks Blonde Ale and Caveman Confetti Fruited Gose, plus one 500 ml bottle of Saturday Night Imperial Stout (barrel-aged edition). Note, the Box Set will be the only way to purchase the Saturday Night bottle, it will NOT be available for individual sale.

To sweeten the deal, we are including a special prize in each Nostalgically Ridiculous Box Set. One lucky winner will get a free year of Inner Circle Membership (value $200)! Additional prizes will include gift cards, discount cards and a special gift designed by Head Brewer Jimmy.

Each online order may include ONE box set. If you order more than 1, your order will be cancelled. You may order individual 4-Packs or t-shirts in addition to the collection.  All orders must be picked up by March 18, 2022.  All sales are final.

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