* #NostalgicallyRidiculous Box Set Collection

$75.99 USD

Each box set will contain ONE 4-pack of each: Saturday Morning Marshmallow IPA, Caveman Confetti Fruited Gose, Slime Time Proton Punch Citrus Wheat Ale, and Kush Pop Passionfruit IPA with Terpenes.

ONE mix 4-pack containing one can of each: Sticky Bricks Marshmallow Blonde Ale, Sunday Morning Mimosa-Inspired Tart Ale, Squeeze Please Fruit Juice Ale, and Hall Monitor PB&J Gose with Strawberries & Raspberries.

and ONE mystery prize!

In addition, TWO random box sets will contain a free annual membership to Smartmouth’s Inner Circle (a $200 value with tons of perks discounts, and exclusive brewery events.)

Each online order may include ONE box set. If you order more than 1, your order will be canceled. You may order individual 4-packs or t-shirts in addition to the collection.  All orders must be picked up by March 19, 2023.  All sales are final.

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